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From Strategy to Context: A Digital Marketing Rhyme to Navigate the Online Nexus

In a college class, where knowledge does amass,

We dive deep into Digital Marketing, with a touch of sass.

From Strategy to Context, the lessons flow,

Understanding the web's rhythm, its ebb, and its throw.

The Cluetrain Manifesto, a pioneering lore,

It teaches us markets are conversations and so much more.

To gain the coveted market share, and be at the fore,

We study metrics and stats, till our brains are sore.

Pay-per-click or SEO, what's your game?

Search engine optimization can light up your name.

With Short Message Service, messages take flight,

Strategies and tactics, bring goals to light.

The foundation of brands, the brand pyramid stands tall,

Guiding us through the customer journey, beckoning all.

Porter's 5 forces, shaping competition and fight,

While the 4 Ps in the Marketing Mix, set the market right.

A SWOT analysis shows strengths and threat,

Where opportunities lie, and where we’re beset.

SMART objectives guide our every campaign,

Ensuring value exchange, and minimizing the pain.

With the right marketing tactics, we thrive and we bloom,

From the classroom to the boardroom, dispelling the gloom.

Our outcomes, a reflection of all that we learn,

Putting us on the path to success, at every turn.

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