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Mastering Marketing Magic: Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, and Rhyming

In a marketing class, let's delve right in,

Discussing concepts that help brands win.

From segmentation to targeting so fine,

And the art of positioning, it's all in line.

Marketing Segmentation, our starting base,

Dividing the market, finding each unique space.

The 80/20 rule, a gem to embrace,

20% of customers bring in the lion's chase.

Customer Lifetime Value, CLV, they say,

Measure loyalty, in a strategic way.

On the market-product grid, we'll chart our course,

Finding where to compete with market force.

Perceptual maps help us visually see,

How customers view brands, with precision and glee.

Product differentiation, what sets us apart,

In the minds of consumers, a place in their heart.

Product positioning, where we want to reside,

In the hearts and minds, let's not hide.

Repositioning's needed, when things start to shift,

Adapting to changes, giving brands a lift.

Usage rate and target market, don't forget,

Understanding customers, the best mindset.

Segments we identify, with care and grace,

To reach the right people, at the right place.

So in marketing class, we've covered our ground,

From segmentation to targeting, we're truly renowned.

Positioning products, with strategies so smart,

In the world of marketing, we'll make our mark.

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