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Making Progress Through


Research is an important part of forward progress and there are many topics that are extremely interesting.  As a marketer, understanding what people want and need, their preferences, channels and digital behavior changes, as well as, the impact and influence of technology on experience are areas that I seek to gain further understanding. This page houses some information about various research topics currently under review. I welcome your feedback if you are interested in participating or have an idea or suggestion for further research.

Work Desk

AI in Hiring

The use of artificial intelligence has grown to help reduce repetitive tasks of sorting through resumes, sourcing candidates, promoting jobs and predicting best candidates. However, this technology has also led to various "holes" where good candidates are getting lost in the process or adding to the stress of job hunting with poor experiences. One new technology to assist with the candidate experience and prevent "lost" candidates is the incorporation of smart 'ai' recruitment assistants. Want to test it out? She's waiting to chat.

AI Anxiety

How do students feel when interacting with artificial intelligence when it comes to video interviews? This research provides insights into student feelings about their interaction with artificial intelligence when using a video analysis software to review for assessments.

On a Video Call

AI in Crisis Communications

The use of artificial intelligence and large language models is drastically changing the way we write and respond in written and verbal communications. However, this technology has also led to various "challenges" where copy is created and not validated resulting in misinformation, "citations" are "made up" by the technology (ChatGPT, Bing, Bard), grammar and spelling may not make sense relative to the topic. The other consideration is do we cite the tool used or not? This research seeks to understand the role ChatGPT plays in crisis communications and whether tools should be cited when leveraging to create content?

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