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Decoding Desires: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Consumer Behavior

In a class where marketing is the major,

Let's discuss consumer behavior.

From the start to the end, day by day,

Mapping their journey in every way.

Attitudes shape what they feel and see,

Beliefs are deep-rooted, like an old tree.

Brand communities rally around a flag,

While brand loyalty doesn't easily sag.

Every touchpoint, a moment to seize,

Crafting an experience with such ease.

Consumer life cycle, stages so vast,

Shaping consumption from first to last.

Involvement's the depth, how deep they dive,

Learning and adapting, making brands thrive.

Motivation drives them, pushes them forth,

Seeking opinion leaders, seeing their worth.

Perceived risks can stall or delay,

Perception is the lens, guiding their way.

Personality shines, making them unique,

This affects their choices every week.

Purchase decisions, a process refined,

With reference groups shaping the mind.

Social class, and subcultures set the scene,

Playing a role, yet often unseen.

Word of mouth, a powerful tool,

It can make a brand hot, or make it uncool.

Now armed with this knowledge, go forth and play,

Understanding consumers in a more profound way.

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