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Decoding Digital Consumers: Navigating the New Normal

In the digital realm where consumers reside,

The attention economy thrives, difficult to surmise,

Customer experience maps, a guide to the ride,

Where personas and tribes, in the global market, collide.

Products and stories, woven with care,

Demographics, psychographics, layers to bear,

Motivations, both extrinsic and intrinsic, align,

In the dance of decision-making, a complex design.

Behavioral economics, a lens to discern,

Cognitive biases, loss aversion, a twist and a turn,

Heuristics at play, in the price-quality dance,

Anchoring, adjusting, decide the choice of a glance.

Word of mouth, a force, potent and grand,

Decision load, default options, guide the hand,

Choice architecture, a craft, in shaping the path,

To understand digital consumers, and their artful math.

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